Fine Pitch LED Display for the distance, what is the significance of the former

Source: RUI JIN

2017-12-23 14:00:06



In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic LED display industry, the Chinese manufacturers in the field of small LED display can be described as "dominate", the relevant technical process to a higher level. Dot spacing at a time of shrinking at the same time, the thickness of the screen body is greatly compressed, which is particularly evident in the previous maintenance of small pitch screen, with its slim screen greatly welcomed by the market. So, what is the charm of the former maintenance products?
The charm of technology lies in "simplification", has a higher ability to integrate, the typical representative is that Jobs redefined the phone. LED display is also facing a similar change in the field, people see the LED screen, usually the "big, heavy, thick" linked to the installation and maintenance are also behind the screen. With the application range of small spacing expanding, "Occupy" has become a more prominent drawback, abandon the traditional post-maintenance channel is imperative.

As the saying goes: "Easy to Know", to design a "pre-maintenance" LED small-pitch display needs to solve many problems, some small and medium-sized manufacturers played a "pre-maintenance" gimmick, but none of the true meaning of the former maintenance standard. In this regard, think twice about making a lot of technical explorations, design a fully magnetic front maintenance program, demolition and maintenance of all positive operations, think twice the design and manufacture of LED creative screen is one of the representatives, the screen lighter and thinner than similar products, bring Good visual experience.

At present, the LED small-pitch display is entering a period of rapid development. The user pays more attention to the screen experience and design sense, which makes the manufacturer continuously improve the appearance design, the easy-to-use and the fashionable and beautiful small pitch screen is more popular. The pre-development maintenance Small pitch screen coincides with the time.