Consumer demand drives, electronic components rise, power supply manufacturers g 2018-07-11 21:39:12 1766

With the comprehensive expansion of LED applications and the advancement of technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence, the intelligent lighting industry has officially entered a high-speed development track.

What are the reasons for allowing international packaging companies to choose di 2018-06-19 21:14:43 985

Why are small-pitch LEDs slower in the international market than domestic ones? Why is it difficult for small-pitch LEDs to enter commercial display and consumer display markets? This is a question worth pondering.

Development of Laser Display Technology and Analysis of Domestic Progress 2018-05-12 23:04:28 1052

In the new display area in 2016, the most attractive one is OLED, and the other is laser display, which corresponds to small and medium size smart phones and large-size TV markets. In recent years, in addition to the gradual warming up in the TV field, laser display has been widely used in many fields such as education, engineering, transportation, and shopping malls as the ne...

LED display packaging industry development direction 2018-05-12 23:03:17 1028

China's LED industry started late. Under the circumstance that the LED core technology is firmly controlled by the international giants, the upstream chip end is difficult to intervene. Chinese enterprises have to choose the technical difficulty is not very high, the entry threshold is relatively low package, and then to this Upstream and downstream extensions. Today, China's L...

LED display screen various parameters calculation method 2018-04-01 10:03:57 989

Led display power and power calculation method 2018-04-01 09:57:32 1025

Led display power and power calculation method 2018-04-01 09:57:32 993

The most comprehensive explanation of LED display 2018-04-01 09:01:34 1021

LED display industry people together, it is easy to talk to LED display products: how much the distance between points, how to refresh, how to use constant current drive ... ... if you do not understand, this chat, is not that the pressure is good Big?

The importance of LED display grounding 2018-04-01 08:49:36 924

LED display is the main component of the LED and driver chip, is a collection of microelectronics products, LED operating voltage is about 5V, the general operating current is 20 mA or less. Its working characteristics determine its resistance to static electricity and abnormal voltage or current shock is very fragile. This requires us to recognize this point in the production a...

LED display fault complete 2018-04-01 08:37:04 887

This article lists the LED display screen a variety of issues, including short-circuit processing, cell board troubleshooting, outdoor (module) troubleshooting, the entire screen troubleshooting, control system troubleshooting, drive part of the problem processing. More detailed and worth collecting.

LED use and introduction 2018-04-01 08:33:15 1014

As we all know, the wavelength range of the visible light spectrum is 380nm to 760nm, which is the seven colors that the human eye can feel - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple. However, these seven colors of light are each A monochromatic light.

LED installation 2018-04-01 08:32:04 944

The installation and debugging of led display not only reflects the product quality, but also determines the effect of the display when it is used. There are the following five kinds of common led display installation methods:

LED status 2018-04-01 08:29:28 1557

In the 1990s, LED technology made great progress. Not only did the luminous efficiency exceed that of incandescent lamps, the light intensity reached the candlelight level, but also the color ranged from red to blue to cover the entire visible spectrum. From the indicator level to more than universal The technological revolution at the level of light sources has led to a variety of ne...

LED development calendar 2018-04-01 08:01:13 900

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor electronic components that convert electrical energy into light energy. This

How LED shines? 2018-03-31 23:24:50 998

Now advocating LED lighting, I really want to know how it shines? Why can you save electricity?

The Basic Knowledge of Led Display Screen 2017-03-10 09:04:00 1539

The time of picture being displayed in Led display screen gets updated in unit interval. Usually it is 25Hz、30Hz、50Hz、60Hz and so on. The frame frequency is higher, the continuity of the changed frame is better.

The Advantages Of LED Display Screen 2017-02-01 14:52:00 1667

Here we show you the advantages of LED displays, but you know it’s not limited to this, LED display is being used in many ways and it’s the wave of the future.

Colorful Advertisement Led Screen For Your Business 2017-01-17 14:50:00 1703

The main advantage of advertisement led screen is efficiency. They can provide a complete solution for your visual display needs and increase the market value to a great extent. Advertisement led screen offer one of the easiest, fastest and impressive ways to make an impact, encouraging more customers to come through the door. Advertisement led screen empower many businesses an...

What are the features of the premium LED display screen 2016-12-16 14:49:00 1006

Nowadays, LED displays industry is booming with great momentum, and this increasing growth leads to massive production of various kinds of LED displays. Accordingly, the standards of quality LED display screens is becoming more and more strict and detailed. EASTAR, a professional LED display service provider, was Established in 2007 with a registered capital of m...

Esdlumen:the development of the LED display are more colorful 2016-10-11 14:47:00 1870

As you know,LED display screen started in China from the 1980s originally with two basic colors: red and green. First of all, only the text information can be displayed. Entering the 90s, LED display became filled with images and videos owing to the application of blue ray LED technology. That enables a mass of entertainment shows, exhibitions, competitions to stage very...